Watford City Named North Dakota’s Most Charming Small Town

If you’re looking for small-town charm, look no further than Watford City.

“It is charming, it is a wonderful place,” says Sandy Rieker, director of outreach at the Pioneer Museum in Watford. 

A small-town gem where you’ll find the heart of America, according to Reader’s Digest, which named Watford City the most charming small town in North Dakota. 

But those who live here will tell you the town has their heart.

“I’ve always thought I’m a little biased but Watford City really is a special place,” says Jenna Wahlstrom, a third-generation pharmacist at Larsen Service Drug.

Eclectic shops, like the long-time family pharmacy with an old-fashioned soda counter are among the charming places you’ll find in Watford.

“I loved getting to see what my dad and grandpa did. And the personal care that they got to give to their patients. They not only knew what medicines they were on, they knew that their grandkids were in the school play,” says Wahlstrom. 

In addition to the family pharmacy, be sure to visit the petrified tree stump at the local visitor’s center.

“This building was built around it. Before the lid was put on, the roof was put on, they had it craned in and put it in. So it’s pretty amazing. It’s a solid piece of rock, for sure,” says Rieker. 

But for all the interesting sights to see, Watford City residents say there’s something else that truly gives the town its appeal.

“The strength of the people. This is not a place, a community of people that give up. And that’s what I think is my draw is to it. The strength of the people. That’s what I love so much about it, I think,” says Rieker. 

While the city has grown and evolved, it’s always maintained its small-town feel. And of course, its charm and appeal.

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