We Rise Advocacy Training

Women from across the state join together to learn about our state’s legislative system.

In the male-dominated branch of government, these women are helping break the mold, by getting involved in the political system. 

They are learning how to lobby, what goes through the legislature, how to track bills and more. 
It’s apart of the North Dakota’s Women’s network event “We Rise” which serves women throughout the state.

“I think many people don’t have no idea what goes on at the capitol. It is a citizen legislature. These are just our neighbors that are the legislators and they are making decisions every day that impact our lives. So, we have the opportunity to learn what they are doing,” said Elizabeth Loos, Bismarck resident. 

When it comes to Loos, women in office play a huge role in decisions and create a balance. 

” If the voices are all just men of a certain generation, age, cultural background, then they are not hearing all the voices that are important. It is important to have women’s voices, indigenous women’s voices, and African American women’s voices,” said Loos. 

According to the Center for American Women and Politics, right now, North Dakota’s legislature is 21.3 percent of women. 

Last year, there were 18.4 percent of women. Over the years, that number nearly doubled. In 1975, there were 10.5 percent of women in the legislature. 

There have been two women who served as U.S. Senators, and 13 women held the position of statewide elected officials.

“Women in office tend to talk about different issues, They tend to talk about issues that affect women and families more. For some women running for office is not what they want, but they want to be involved in the process. And know that together we are powerful,” said Kristie Wolff, Executive Director of NDWN.

As for Loos, and other advocates this is a way to make a difference in the world. 

On Monday, they will be continuing the effort by heading over to the capitol building to meet with legislators, attend committee hearings and more. 

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