Weather can’t stop Public Transit from running

Despite the blustery conditions outside today, one public transportation system in the state still operated business as usual.

On a day when Dickinson was hit with about three inches of snow early in the morning, Public Transit decided to keep their buses in service.

“We like to stay open for the public, so people can get a ride to where they need to go. We usually only close if no travel advised or our drivers feel unsafe,” said Erin Humphrey, Asst. Exec. Dir. of Public Transit.

A good portion of the company’s customers are disabled and elderly who need to get to their daily appointments.

 “This transportation is a godsend. It is wonderful for us who must have dialysis,” said Beth Hurst, Public Transit passenger.

The company serves about a 150 people daily,  but before they send their drivers out, they take all the necessary safety precautions.

“We stay in contact with our drivers to see how they feel about the weather, and we also call the Dickinson Police Department to see if they think it is okay to drive,” said Humphrey.

Public Transit bus driver, Don Hevelka said driving a bus is safer than driving a regular car.

“These buses have more weight to them , so they are a lot better on the snow than let’s say a light Honda”.

Hurst said she is appreciative that on a day like today she has a warm ride

“When you have never been helpless in your life, it is wonderful to have someone who cares enough to help you”.

Public Transit has been servicing Dickinson for nearly forty -years and provides more than 30,000 trips annually.

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