Weather events around the world that you should know about


The KX Storm Team focuses mostly on North Dakota. But did you know they also study the weather around the globe? Here are a few of the more recent impactful events around the globe that you should know about…

We start down under in Australia. Heavy rain has cut off dozens of towns in one of the country’s most populated states of New South Whales. Emergency services have had to rescue more than 700 hundred people from flooded homes. Just Monday alone, 18-thousand people were evacuated with thousands more expected to evacuate. Sydney’s largest dam is expected to overflow for at least another week. It’s being described in a 1 in 100-year flood.

You may have heard of this one on the national news but Iceland has recently had a volcanic eruption. The first since the 12th centruy. Lava is still flowing near the nation’s capital of Reykjavik. The Icelandic Meteorological Office – that’s the equivalent to our National Weather Service – they’ve classifed this eruption as small and it does not pose a threat to life. In recent weeks leading up to the eruption, more than 40-thousand small earthquakes occured.

A series of severe droughts and heatwaves in Europe are the most extreme in over 2-thousand years… and it’s beginning to have an impact. This is supported by research from tree rings dating back as far as the Roman Empire. This stretch of dry and warm weather has devastated crops and caused numerous forest fires. Low river levels are halting some river shipping traffic and the hotter temperatures have affected the cooling of some nuclear power plants.

While a big part of our nation is very dry and in a drought from coast to coast… it’s our furthest state to the west that has dealt with the opposite. This week, The National Weather Service issued flood watches on the Big Island of Haiwaii. This, after recent flooding inundated the state’s islands. Flooding caused landslides and cut off many areas. Intense rainfall damaged bridges and resulted in the overtopping of a century-old dam near Maui. Flash flooding trapped residents in their homes…the recovery efforts are still underway.

Some weather happenings around the world haven’t all been catastrophic… even if they made the record books. The highest temperature on Earth in the last 24 hours was in Luxor, Egypt at 111 degrees. The coldest temperature in the last 24 hours was in Concordia, Antartica at 78 below zero.

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