WEB EXTRA: 31:8 Project combats human trafficking


31:8 Project was created to “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”, in regards to human trafficking.

I spoke to the founder, Stacy Schaffer today to hear about this issue in North Dakota.

She said her hope is to spread educational awareness across the state in order to prevent human trafficking and it all stems from one girl’s story.

In 2006 Stacy heard about the topic of human trafficking and wanted to become involved. She began volunteering for a non-profit. The first case she had involved a little girl named Anna. She was 8 years old at the time. She was rescued and rehabilitated and today as a somewhat normal life.

“Many people see Anna’s story as a story of tragedy, and I saw it as a story of success because she’s survived to share her story,” said Schaffer. “And that doesn’t always happen.”

The organization has been around since 2015, but she’s been doing this since 2006. They are a statewide organization that meets with the faith community, schools, law enforcement, and the medical community.

Part 2 of interview with founder of 31:8 Project, Stacy Schaffer.

She says the community is the eyes and ears because they understand and see what is going on so if 31:8 Project can equip them with the skills needed to help identify human trafficking that will allow them to start combatting it here in ND.

For more information on 31:8 Project and their fundraising events,  head to their Facebook page here.

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