WEB EXTRA: By taking a risk, Bismarck woman’s graduation “speech” goes viral

This local girl had to audition in order to give a graduation speech.. She did it in the form of a song. 

Sydney Helgeson sang her speech at her high school graduation to the tune of “Shallow” by Lady Gaga, but changed the lyrics and titled it “Tomorrow”. 

She said her school had 47 graduating valedictorians, she was one of them. However, anyone can audition to give a speech. 

She was the first in line to audition and wasn’t sure they would stray away from traditional speeches. Sydney said she was really honored they choose her. 

The process to put the song together was surprisingly fast she said. She was inspired by all the memories – the good, the bad, the funny. After a few rehearsals, and with her music background, she was ready to perform. 

Since then she has had a positive response from the community. People have messaged her and shared her post and she was even recognized nationally.

Her plan going forward is to attend Alabama University to study business and music.

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