WEB EXTRA: Bountiful REI’s has first art show

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Bill Brien started Bountiful REI’s after the death of his wife last year. He’s been creating drawings and sketches for a while now, but up until last year, hasn’t done much with any of his pieces.

Bountiful REI’S tells a story about faith, family and culture through the use of Native American art turned into prints or clothing. It’s meant to bring hope and cancer awareness. 

What makes Bountiful REI’s stand out is everything is designed from a digital app on Bill’s phone then transferred to canvas.

The culture creates an opportunity to tell a story with every piece.

Bountiful REI’s will have its first art show displayed at Mighty Missouri Coffee, located in the YMCA on Washington street tonight from 5-7 pm.

For more information on Bountiful REI’s check out the Facebook page here.

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