WEB EXTRA: Couple quit jobs to travel the country and volunteer full-time

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Geoff is a tatted-up, pierced guy who yells at the refs during Vikings games.  Bethany is sassy and sarcastic. But together, they are missionaries.

They hope by being themselves, they can love and serve people who might otherwise miss out. 

It all started in October of 2017. Geoff and Bethany Whitworth were sitting in church and the pastor was speaking about needing volunteers to help with the recovery of Hurricane Harvey, a massive storm that hit Texas that year.

Geoff said it was as if the lights went out and all he could see was the pastor. He felt compelled to help.

So he and his wife researched how to live out of an RV, looked into organizations to volunteer with, quit their full-time jobs and hit the road.

Originally from Bismarck, they said they have volunteered in every state they’ve traveled — 48 in all, with just Oregon and California, left to visit.

Part 2 of interview with The Wandering Whitworths.

They wanted to start with Habitat for Humanity but that didn’t work out. So they went to a homeless shelter and fell in love with the homeless population, caring for them and showing them respect, dignity, and love.

Some of the groups they’ve worked with and served are YWAM (Youth With A Mission), food pantries all across America, homeless organizations and The New Orleans Mission. They’ve even gone as far as helping people that live under bridges in the most beat up parts of towns.

They’ve worked with all types of organizations to develop a variety of skill sets to serve at a higher capacity.

Whether it’s taking groceries to homeless communities, taking hot meals under bridges or overpasses or helping people with paperwork, they’ve earned an education across the country on how to serve others.

Part 3 of interview with The Wandering Whitworths.

The Whitworths are funded by their savings, several people and churches as well as a GoFundMe page.

Not everyone is able to quit their jobs and travel full time, so they want to encourage people to just help out locally wherever and whenever they can if they see a need.

To follow their journey, check out their website here.

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