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Hope Manor is a sober living home for men and women for individuals trying to have a second chance at life. It’s a safe, supportive, structured environment… somewhere they can live that takes care of their material needs, so they can make recovery their number one priority.

The first Hope Manor house for women opened in January of 2014. The first men’s house opened two years ago.

The third house opened in Jamestown January of this year. A whole group of community leaders formed a committee and approached Roberts to seek help with opening the men’s house.

It takes a lot for a house to function.

“Time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears,” said Roberts. “A lot of faith. A lot of money, which is always the problem. But mainly it takes dedication from myself and one employee. ”

She said their main focus every day is “Who can we help?”

Judith Roberts, Director of Hope Manor, talks about the strategic intake process for receiving people into the home.

Hope Manor received referrals from a number of resources such as treatment facilities, family members, case workers, probation officers, friends or someone just saying they need help.

Roberts says she is on call 24/7.

“We will go almost anywhere and help and find almost anyone,” she said. “We will take them to the hospital if that’s the kind of condition they’re in, we will do that. We will walk through it with them.”

Judith Roberts shares statistics about people that battle with substance abuse.

Statistically, 10% of society battles alcoholism. It’s around 23 million people that battle with it.

“I battle with it. I am an alcoholic. I am 10 and a half years clean and sober from alcohol and drugs,” Roberts noted.

Almost everyone is affected directly or indirectly. Meaning, a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a child, a loved one, neighbor or best friend.

Judith Roberts talks about the basic needs of people that enter Hope Manor.

“No one comes to Hope Manor on a winning streak,” said Roberts.

Many of the residents come into Hope Manor with the clothes on their back. Nothing more.

She said when you are deep in alcoholism and drug addiction you have usually burned every bridge you have.

Judith Roberts says Hope Manor needs the communities help.

Because of opening the men’s house in Jamestown, Hope Manor took a hit.

“I like to have a prudent reserve of three months to protect the people, their home, in Hope Manor. At least have three months of operating expenses on hand. Well it was a huge hit for us,” said Roberts. “It took about $40,000 to open, from start to finish a home in Jamestown for men.”

Hope Manor hasn’t had a fundraiser in three years. They haven’t needed to.

But now it’s as if they’re back in 2014 when they opened the first house financially.

Their fundraiser is taking place September 13th, 2019 at Sixteen 03 Main Events in Bismarck.

It’s a 1920’s theme party with food, an auction and raffle. One of the auction items is dinner with Governor Burgum and his wife at their home.

For more information about the event, go here.

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