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This North Dakota woman doesn’t describe herself as a superhuman, but rather gives the credit of her success to her support teams… her family, husband, and staff.

Heather Lang is from Sterling, N.D., and lives on a 5th generation farm that originated in 1906. She’s also a wedding/event decorator and the Promotion & Education District 7 Representative for North Dakota Farm Bureau, along with being on the American Farm Bureau Promotion & Education Committee.

Heather’s plate is pretty full, but her hard work and values have been instilled into her and stem from family history.

Heather and her family are strong believers in history and pride themselves with keeping the family involved. She said White Heart Ranch even has the original homestead on their farm.

When Heather was 13 years old, she wanted to marry a farmer. She’s glad it worked out, because she gets to work alongside her brothers-in-law and husband as well as her two boys. She said her grandmother still lives on their land.

Heather said it started as a cattle farm but turned into so much more.

“It got started because we wanted locally raised pork for our own family and, at that time, there wasn’t anything like that available in this area,” says Heather. “So, when we got back into the pork industry, we decided it would be something great for our children…some chores to keep them busy. Then it kind of exploded and went from there. It was a bigger operation than what we had planned on.”

When asked about how to deal with butchering, she said everything at the farm has a purpose.

Not only is she a mother and farmer, she’s an entrepreneur as well. Forever Fresh is a creative way for Heather to express both her rustic side as well as bring out the city girl.

Forever Fresh is a wedding and event decorating business she’s had since 2004. She went to school for decorating and loves to see the look on people’s faces when they see the finished room.

If you want a chance to talk to Heather about everything she does, she will also be taking part in the Farmland to Fine Dining event on Sunday, August 4, not far from Huff Hills.

The event will create opportunities to talk to the producers of the foods we consume. More details are available here.

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