WEB EXTRA: Recent survey says people gain weight after being in long term relationship

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In a recent survey done by OnePoll, 79% of people say they have gained weight since they started dating their significant other.

According to respondents, most people begin to feel comfortable enough in a relationship to start gaining weight after around one year and five months.

We talked to a Bismarck Health Coach from Dakota Natural Health Center that says she thinks she knows why people gain weight after they’ve been in a long term relationship. In fact, she has a way she breaks down the Circle of Life to determine where to spend more of your time and energy to create more balance and harmony in your life.

Aleisha Frohlich, a Health Coach at Dakota Natural Health Center shares how to prevent weight gain after being in a long relationship.
The Circle of Life Wheel helps people recognize the areas of help they need to address to bring a more balanced lifestyle.

We even asked people on Facebook if they thought it was normal to gain weight after getting married and being in a long term relationship. A few responded with, “It’s a sign of being comfortable, happy, having fun and being in love. ”

One even went as far as saying she was stressed after marriage so she ate more.

Frohlich says the best way to start a healthier journey is to become intentional and do things that fill you up in a positive way instead of eating your feelings (happy or sad) or suppressing them.

For more information on the survey go here.

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