WEB EXTRA: The Good Kids

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Meet Kari, Ashton, and Ben.

They are a combination of three separate designers with one goal in mind…. Making their clients look cool.

Ben Brick is a brand illustrator, Kari Olson focuses on website design and templates, Ashton Hauff is a visual brand designer.

Last fall Ashton spawned the idea of working with Kari and Ben to collaborate. It’s almost like The Goonies meets Gilmore Girls.

They all have fun, playful attitudes and love what they do. They love solving problems through the process of design thinking. They love elevating clients’ businesses with the design solutions they create all while having a good time.

They said it’s true, you might find an empty swear jar or colorful alphabet magnets on their fridge in the office… or maybe a fridge stocked with their favorite beer, but what matters most is they’re just a bunch of ‘good kids’ doing good work for people they love.

If you want to meet The Good Kids, they are having an open house to celebrate their new office located at 418 E Broadway Ave, Suite #1 on June 18th. For more information check out their Facebook page.

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