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“Wellness happens from the inside out,” said Health Coach Aleisha Frohlich. It starts with a willingness to do something different.

Frohlich works at the Dakota Natural Health Center in Bismarck and she sees many clients coming in, mainly for the same three things: Weight loss, hormone imbalance, and infertility.

And she said these trending issues can be managed by the way people eat.

Besides weight loss, thyroid disorders are big issues right now and working with naturopathic doctors, she sees a lot of fertility problems as well.

More often than not, people looking to make changes want to be heard and understood, not judged and simply prescribed weight or health medications. But in order to make changes, people need to know where to start, she said.

Frohlich said it starts with changing your diet. The addition of Natural Grocers to Bismarck is a huge shift for the community toward wellness and health.

People are becoming more aware that they can take their health into their own hands.

People are used to eating a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) — processed foods, extra sugar — so when beginning a wellness journey, small changes are a good place to begin.

Aleisha Frohlich/ Health Coach gives practical tips on how to start a healthy eating lifestyle.

With major changes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so practicing self-care is an essential part of a new beginning.

After eating the same way for so long, it’s important to come up with a plan of action.

So, if people are struggling with the three issues she sees trending — weight loss, infertility, or hormone imbalance — Frohlich said self-care isn’t selfish.

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