What to do in the winter? It’s a question many of us find ourselves asking for five, maybe even six, months out of the year.

We’ve found one activity that isn’t so limited to warm weather conditions, and if you want to try it, there’s a special event happening March 3 at Fort Stevenson State Park.

“Moving up here to North Dakota left me with a hole I needed to fill,” Andy Kent, an avid cyclist, said.

He moved here from Florida but hasn’t let the wintry weather keep him off the trails.

That’s why he bought his first fat tire bike about four years ago.

“Fat biking is not like a regular cycling sport where a lot of the focus is on racing,” Kent said. “Fat biking is more of an adventure style cycling sport where you just kind of go out and go your own pace.”

At your own pace and on any terrain – he said that’s what makes it a different, but desirable activity.

“It’s nice, you can go places, you can make it fun even if the snow conditions aren’t that great. You know, how you need certain conditions for skiing but not for fat tire biking. You can ride in town or any place,” owner at Val’s Cyclery, Rory Schell said.

Kent said a normal-sized tire would cut through the snow like a pizza cutter.

But fat tires work more like the wide track on a bulldozer, and that means it’s great for more climates than one.

“If you go across the desert sand beach, you can float on the sand instead of sinking in and stopping,” Schell said. “So it’s kind of nice you can ride anywhere.”

So if you find yourself a little stir crazy, “It’s really hard to get out in the winter time,” don’t let a cold day keep you down.

“I like the fact that I can get out into nature where no one else really is.  If I go out into the woods there might be two sets of footprints in there. It’s just really peaceful to get away and know that you’re getting exercise and doing something that you enjoy,” said Kent.