Whether you’re in great shape- or haven’t been to the gym in years, a new class at the YMCA is perfect for you.
That’s because the technology that comes along with it is set to your individual fitness levels.

Emily Medalen tells us why ICG Connect has people of all ages and abilities putting their pedals to the metal.
This Wellness Wednesday, we’re talking about a cycling class called Indoor Cycling Group Connect.

All you have to do is hop on a bike, try to stay in the right color range, and maybe even pretend you’re out for a scenic bike ride.
“People are hoopin’, and hollerin’, and they’re getting excited,” says Amber Daner, Fitness Instructor.

This isn’t your average spinning class.

“We’re able to not only be able to track things individually, or see how we rate in the class with our peers next to us, but also we can work together towards a goal, as a group,” says Daner.

The reason ICG connect is so different from other fitness classes, is because all you have to do to track your progress is look up at the screen. When you do this, you can see how hard you’re pushing, and how hard the trainer wants you to be pushing.”
“It made a big difference – it made you work a lot harder than you normally would because you feel like somebody might be watching you because you can see your colors changing!” says Kellie Lewis, Participant.

The technology that connects the bikes to the big screen tracks everything from calories burned to energy watts used- 
and makes for a little healthy competition.

“You’re like ‘Man, I’m just focusing on that color, and I want to get it there and do it for my team,” says Daner.

The computer picks random “teams” to give you a little extra incentive to push harder.
Each color represents the level of effort you’re giving – 
but they’re all set to your personal fitness level, so everyone is on the same page.

“It’s just really a platform to connect the members, rather than that individual ride, it gives them the opportunity to see what they’re doing together, collectively,” says April Robinson, Group Fitness Director.

And when the 45 minute workout is done – they say there’s no doubr you’ll feel the fire.

“Wow, I did it, I finished, I accomplished, I feel so good about myself,” says Daner.
“I feel really good. Really tired, my legs are rubber right now, but I feel really good,” says Lewis.