Wellness Wednesday: Ping Pong

Gary Pastushok has been playing Ping Pong for 40 years. 
And the game has been in his family for a long time. 
“I taught my son to play. He played in Canada and he ended up winning a silver medal in the Canada games” says ping pong player Gary Pastushok. 
Gary plays weekly at the Bismarck World War memorial building in the Bismarck Ping pong club. 
He uses difficult shots to try and make his opponents miss.
“It’s more for deception more than anything else. So you start behind the line. You throw the ball up to your face and just as it’s coming down, you push it forward” says Pastushok. 
He also wants to push the benefits of playing Ping Pong.
He says it can improve your hand-eye coordination, your balance and your cognitive skills. 
Clinical studies in Japan say the game can also possibly prevent dementia.
All health benefits that keep Gary on his game… trying to outsmart his opponents.
“So generally what happens if he doesn’t read the serve correctly, the spin correctly, it’ll pop up and give an easy kill shot for me. Simple as that” says Pastushok. 

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