Flu season may be coming to a close, but this time of year can trigger things like asthma and allergies.

There are several over the counter or prescription remedies, but there’s a natural one as well.

Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is one way to help relieve stress and anxiety.

But it can actually help with several other medical conditions like the common cold, COPD, seasonal allergies and asthma.

The concentrated salt that circulates the room makes a 45-minute session equivalent to spending three days by the sea.

One of the biggest differences from the ocean is that it’s very dry, absorbing toxins from the skin and respiratory tract, and reducing inflammation to open up your airways.

Since it’s all natural, salt therapy is open to anyone.

“We can do all ages, kids, pregnancies, anyone that’s looking for that extra comfort. Allergy, sinuses, all that stuff,” Heather Thorson, owner of Inner Reflection Holistic Health Center said. “Anything to do with breathing and sinuses is a big target for them.”

The salt has 48 trace minerals that are not found in table salts and it’s anti-bacterial properties ionize and clean the room and detox the people in it, too.

At some places, you can also book a massage or take a yoga class in the halotherapy room.

Some other salt therapy places in the region include, Salt Cave in Bismarck, Sone Spa in Minot.

Halotherapy is not recognized by the FDA to treat the conditions mentioned in this story. It’s an alternative, holistic form of wellness.