WellnessWednesday 9/14/16: Downward Dog

“So pull your sitting bones or your hip bones back, back back as you press your hips up and back, so everytime you breathe in, spread your fingers really wide and see if you can lift your hip creases up and back, so they’re reaching up to that top corner of the room.
It’s the easiest pose to do incorrectly, so it’s always nice to come back to that beginner’s perspective, I feel like my downward facing dog is always evolving, always being worked on…
So I like to tell students that their very first downward-facing dog, their thousandth downward-facing dog is going to be really different, in each and every class.
And one of the reasons that we incorporate this pose a lot into like the flow yogas, is it’s a place to build stability, and really come back to that foundation.
Nice, now go ahead and graciously bend your knees, deeper than you think you’re allowed to do, and as you breathe and spread the fingertips wide, spread through the fingertips as if you’re pressing the front of your mat away and as you exhale, pull your sitting bones up and back.
Can I adjust you Amber?
Okay, take a big deep breath in, now exhale, keep your belly button drawn in, nice work.
So you see how you feel a little release in the back of the knees.
Go ahead, bend these for me bud.
Nice, can I adjust you?
Take a big breath in, exhale, lift your sitting bones, up, up up and back, press your heart to the front of your thighs, yeah, now tuck your chin to your chest, pull your shoulders down, pull your hips up up up and back, other direction, yeah!” says Christine Resiser, Instructor.
For more information on yoga poses you can contact CC’s Studios in Bismarck.

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