What are the signs of a stroke?

The death of Luke Perry shows stroke can affect anyone at any age. 

The American Stroke Association suggests people use the moment to learn the warning signs of stroke.

It’s the number 2 most common cause of death worldwide. 

We spoke to a local first responder on the signs of what to do.

He says to use the acronym  F.A.S.T which stands for, Face drooping, Arm Weakness, Speech and if you notice any of these it’s time to call 911.

“We are now looking at what we call BE FAST and we’re adding B and E to the front of that and B stands for balance so even somebody that starts having balance issues that could potentially be a sign of a stoke and then E is for eye vision if they have a sudden loss of vision or blurry vision in one eye or the other,” said paramedic Wayne Fahy.

Fahy says eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle could prevent anyone from suffering a stroke.

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