What are your Valentines Day plans?

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Thursday is Valentines Day, the day of romance, and sweet treats. 

While the average consumer is expected to spend nearly 150 dollars on dinner, gifts, etc. 

We found many North Dakotans will be spending this day in many different ways. 

We took to the streets and found many will actually be going on trips, or just spending time at home.

Go to the bar, I’m single so,” said Bryce Roady.

“Me and my girlfriend we’re going to hang out probably go to dinner if she gets off work on time I just got done buying her gifts,” said Nathaniel Dunn.

“We’re going to Red Lodge for a snowboarding trip for the family –we’re leaving tomorrow it’s our tenth year wedding anniversary,” said Moriah Rademacher.

“My husband just had knee replacement surgery so we’re sitting at home on ice,” said Lisa Plorine.

The National Retail Federation says that fewer people will be buying gifts for the holiday. 

and those who will be buying gifts for their loved ones will spend more. 

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