What should you pay a babysitter? How about $13.50 an hour?


How much do you pay your babysitter?

If it’s less than $16.43 an hour for one child, you’re underpaying the national average.

And if it’s less than $13.50 an hour for one child, you’re underpaying the Bismarck-Mandan average.

UrbanSitter just released its 7th Annual National Childcare Rates Survey, which identifies the average hourly babysitting rates in major cities across the country.

It’s most expensive to hire a babysitter in San Francisco, CA — $17.34 an hour for one child.

It’s cheapest in Phoenix, AZ — $11.83 an hour for one child.

There’s no data directly from North Dakota, but the rate for a babysitter in Minneapolis, MN is $14.66 and hour for one child.

According to the survey, parents often offer perks to babysitters: Free TV or streaming entertainment, food or food delivery, transportation to and from home and, in many cases, museum or amusement park passes.

The top reason parents hire a babysitter: So the adults can have a date night. Running errands comes in at number 2.

Meanwhile, the Web site, Care.com, features a babysitter calculator that helps you figure what you should pay your babysitter in your area of the country. It’s based on data it collects annually from around the nation.

Simply enter your zip code, the number of children to be watched and other information.

You’ll instantly get a recommended hourly rate for where you live.

In the Bismarck-Mandan area, for example, Care.com recommends you pay $13.50 an hour for one child.

You can also see the results of Care.com’s own annual babysitter wages survey here. In the site’s 2017 survey, the national average was $13.97 per hour across all children being watched.

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