What you can to do fight back against a warranty scam


A scam we’ve seen again and again is for an extended car warranty. 

They call saying you’re warranty is up and you need to purchase a new one immediately. 

The scam often comes from a phone call or a letter in the mail. 

We put North Dakota first and took the time to find out how not to fall victim. 

“The big thing when it comes to a car warranty scam, or any scam at all, you really got to look, did you contact that person, and did you have any prior engagement and did you anything to do with this company or this person who is contacting you,” said Kyle Kirchmeier, Morton County Sheriff. 

Kirchmeier says these scammers are experts at playing off your emotions.

“They don’t realize is that they look at these that say my vehicle is expired or my warranty is going to expire. And they get into a little panic,” Kirchmeier added.

“It looks like something that’s really official or it’s from the car manufacturer in some case. And that’s not who it’s coming from. If you read through that letter and you read on the bottom who it’s actually from, it’s some other 3rd party trying to get ahold of you to sell you a warranty,” said Austin Roller, Finance Manager at Dvorak Motors. 

Kirchmeier says.. like any scam, if they’re pushing for an immediate payment, it’s a red flag!

“A lot of times they want to give you a warranty but they want payment up front. That’s the last thing you want to do. So don’t pay for a promise,” said Kirchmeier. 

Dvorak’s finance manager says there’s a right way to go about purchasing an extended warranty.

“The one thing you want to make sure that you do is buy one from the dealer so if something ever happens to your car, you can come back, sit down with us, so we can hash out anything that needs to be done so we can get your car up and running,” added Roller.

There is a way to stay on the lookout for any and all scams — keeping you ahead of the game.

“Go to FTC.gov and click on scams. And you can actually sign up for scam alerts if you want to get them through your email,” said Kirchmeier. 

In addition to being fraudulent in nature, these calls likely violate telemarketing and robocall rules. 

CLICK HERE for a link to report suspected scams to the FTC — > 


CLICK HERE to sign up for the FTC Scam Alerts –> https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/scam-alerts

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