What’s Trending in Travel 2017


Whether you’re a college student heading on a spring break trip, or a family looking for a getaway to spend some time together… traveling is a way many of us like to hit the reset button.

Happening now…Emily Medalen is live after finding out what’s trendy in travel – and how people are planning their trips.

Emily, what’d you find out?

Tim and Alysia, I was curious about travel agents and how many people still use them to plan vacations… so I spoke with one at Direct Travel here in Bismarck.

She told me that more people use them than you may realize, and millennials are one group that’s turning to them for help more and more because travel is so popular for that age group.
Here’s the story.

“The world is smaller now, with the internet, and with movies and Facebook and social media, so they see that and they want to go out and experience it for themselves,” said Jennifer Leingang, Travel Agent, Direct Travel.

Travel can serve as the perfect refresher – but planning airfare and putting together an itinerary can do the very opposite.

“A lot of people come to us because they’re just overwhelmed with information,” said Leingang.

Jennifer Leingang is an agent for Direct Travel, and says it’s common for people to spend hours searching for deals on airfare and hotels, and still come up short.

“A lot of individuals will go searching online, which is great, but send us what you find online and see if we can match it or beat it, because generally we can,” said Leingang.

According to AAA, more people are traveling today than ever before –
Millennials are a big part of the reason why, and many don’t want the pressure of planning.

“The younger generation, more and more, are starting to come to us. I didn’t think that they would, but I think it’s just, there’s too much online. Too much to weed through and go through,” said Leingang.

That may be a hindrance when it comes to preparing for a trip, but the internet also sparks many ideas for travelers.

“It’s coming more and more popular – those unique destinations that people want to go out and venture to,” said Leingang.

According to CBS, some of these trendy travel destinations are Thailand, Greece, the Philippines and Argentina.
Leingang added that many North Dakotans have made their way to Alaska this summer.
She says the comfort of knowing they aren’t traveling blind is what keeps people coming back to travel agents.

“Everything’s taken care of, and they can just go and relax. Then if there are any issues, you know, we’re here to help you in that realm as well.”

In Bismarck, Emily Medalen, KX News.

Leingang added that you can use a travel agent for anything from just booking a flight, to an entire package complete with planning activities, hotels, and other transportation.

She said people have saved thousands of dollars by using one… good to keep in mind, and now I feel like I really need a vacation!

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