Where were you on 9/11?

North Dakotans remember it all to well…

“I think like everyone we were just in shock wondering if it was real or what it actually was,” said Minot resident Curt Olson.

“Stunned that’s about all I can say it was horrible,” said Minot resident Marilyn Weyer.

Aside from feeling for the families whose loved ones were no where to be found, Weyer was anxious to know about her own family members who lived in New York at the time.

“Mostly my children and my children’s children was a big thing on my mind,” said Weyer.
Others were just in plain shock…

“It’s hard to believe that anybody could hate to the depth that they would do that type of thing,” said Minot resident Darlene Aufforth.

Feeling everything imaginable… 

“Sympathy for the victims and their families and anger-anger  towards the people who did it,” said Minot resident Steve Lipp. 

and now some are still fear that it could happen again .. 

It happened once so I don’t know — I hope it don’t that would be terrible but it’s just something a guy keeps in the back of his mind,” said Minot resident Wesley Johnson.

For first responders in the area the feelings are a little different. 

“I really didn’t understand what was going on because again you just get mad,” said Minot rural fire chief Rex Weltikol.

“There’s a certain amount of sadness but more pride than anything, more pride for the job we do and pride for the guys that lost their lives on that day,” said Minot Rural Fire Lieutenant Kelly Haudan. 

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