Which Party Will Come Out Ahead in the November Elections?

Some past midterm elections have been considered wave elections, elections in which one political party makes major gains in the House and Senate. Could this year’s November elections be a wave election for Democrats?

That depends on who you ask. 

Some are prediciing a blue wave for the November elections, in which the Democratic Party regains seats in the House and Senate. But others are saying not so fast.

“The poll that matters is the election. And voters change their minds often,” says Richard Stenberg, associate professor of history and political science at Williston State College. 

Williston State College political science professor Richard Stenberg says there are many factors that could impact the midterm elections, including the strong economy.

“The Bakken, for example, just looking at our little realm in the energy world. It never went bust, contrary to what some people thought. But it slowed down But it’s picking up. And you keep hearing about the amount of jobs that are out there for folks,” says Stenberg. 

The District 1 chair of the Republican Party agrees that economic gains in the form of tax cuts will make voters turn out in support of the Republican party.

“The numbers kind of speak for themselves. The expected savings the North Dakota household is going to receive, I think that’s going to weigh pretty large on the minds of the voters,” says Eric Nelson, District 1 GOP chairman. 

But the District 1 chair of the Democratic party remains confident Democrats will make strides at the local level.

“A lot of people are going to say why change when things are going well? But there’s a lot of things that could be better. There’s a lot of things that could be far improved,” says Crysta Parkinson, District 1 Democratic NPL chair. 

Still, Stenberg gives a slight edge to the Republicans on the national stage. His final prediciton?

“House-wise, the House will probably remain Republican on a narrow margin. So I guess if I had to make a declaration at this time, that’s what it would be. Subject to change, right?”, says Stenberg. He also believes Republicans will maintain control of the Senate and perhaps, even gain seats. 

However, recent polls, including one conducted by the Wall Street Journal, show Democrats having a slight edge going into the November midterms.

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