NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — As the 2024 election approaches, you will have to make your decision on who you’ll vote for in our state and nation. Although, Govenor Doug Burgum did not meet the Miami debate requirements, he remains hopeful in the race for president.

This week, the third Republican debate of the year for the 2024 presidential debate took place, and there is only one more to go. In lieu of it all, have you been wondering where our state elected officials’ side with the presidential candidates?

“I mean, nothing personal against Governor Burgum, but I’m not a big fan,” said Jeff Hoverson, state representative in Minot, “I think he probably thinks more like the other party, I guess, than I would consider, in my opinion. But I’m a Trump guy, probably. I don’t think he’s to be worshipped like many people do. He has flaws, for sure. And I’d be just as happy if DeSantis or — You know who I like is Vivek Ramaswamy, actually.”

“Well, I think certainly President Biden has proven himself for a second term,” said Josh Boschee, the Fargo Senator, “We’ve seen how strong our economy has gotten, the job growth, unemployment declining, and as we’ve seen, inflation continued to decrease under his leadership, especially amongst a divided government. We have the Senate run by the Democrats and the House run by the Republicans and very little action coming out of either body. We still don’t have a budget for the U.S. government, so in the meantime, the president has been leading.”

Karla Rose Hanson, another Fargo Senator, agreed, “I completely believe that President Biden is the right choice for re-election. As Josh had mentioned, despite having a divided government, he’s been able to advance many pieces of bipartisan legislation that has brought money into North Dakota to help improve roads and bridges; basic infrastructure in our state.”

Jeff Magrum, Hazelton Senator, disagreed with the Dem-NPL party members saying, “Well, at this point, I favor Donald Trump, of course, because the one big accomplishment that he did that he has my vote on is his change in the makeup of the United States Supreme Court, which was the reason that Roe versus Wade got overturned. So, I’ll have to support him on that, although some people think it’s like an all-star wrestling match because Trump used to be friends with the Bidens and the Clintons and all of them, and he was kind of part of their group at one time. So, some people think we’re getting played, but I still go back to that his change in the good choices with the Supreme Court justices. As far as our governor, I mean he’s going and saying that what he’s done so well here in North Dakota, but under his governorship, we’ve increased spending 43% in the last six years. We’ve grown government exponentially.”

No matter who they choose to mark on the 2024 ballot, each one of the representative shares that moves need to be made and change needs to come.

“Getting money out of politics,” claimed State Sen. Magrum.

“We have to handle our border and listen to the people that are telling us all about the child trafficking that’s going on,” claimed State Rep. Jeff Hoverson of Minot, “So, I guess if I had to pick one, let’s save these kids first. I don’t think we’re a country worth having if we can’t do that.

“I would love to see even more people be engaged with the process, whether that be through voting, or you know, sending emails and calling their elected officials,” said State Sen. Hanson.

“I think certainly some increased accountability and increased resources for a public school education system,” said State Sen. Josh Boschee.

News Nation will host the fourth Republican presidential primary debate next month in Alabama. It’s scheduled for December 6th from 8 to 10 PM.