It’s something people around here are exposed to everyday, the words that read “The Magic City”.

“There’s something about why people stay,” said Minot resident Hayley Stenberg. 

KX asked residents of Minot if they know how the city got its nickname.

“I have no idea,” said a Minot resident. 

Others knew their home’s history.

“It’s called the Magic city because it sprung up because of it’s location,” said resident David Hoag. 

“I just heard it was built in no time at all and that’s why it’s called the Magic City,” said resident Rhonda Kraig. 

Nathalie Gomez reporting: “As story has it that’s the correct answer. In the 1800’s Minot was a railroad town, it didn’t happen over night but its population grew to 5,000 people in just five months kind of like Magic”. 

“It had phenomenal growth when it started,” said Hoag. 

Even with the harsh winters, people still seem to love it. 

“I know there’s a lot military that I’ve heard that have come, they’ve been stationed here and they’ve actually come back and stayed and so there’s got to be something about it,” said Stenberg.

and who doesn’t love a little Magic?