Why people are still getting their concealed weapon permits

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Anyone allowed to conceal and carry a firearm can do so freely in North Dakota. It eliminates the need for a permit – but people are still taking the classes. Shelby Rose went to a local range to explore the benefits of getting your concealed weapon license.

Meet Nancy Jacques. Up until recently, she was completely afraid of guns until a bad experience last summer changed her mind about carrying.

“I got chased down the highway. And after having to go over 100 miles an hour, I decided it was a good thing to be able to take care of myself, being as I’m a widow,” said Jacques

Thanks to the concealed weapons class at the Personal Defense Center – along with a few extra trainings – Jacques is completely confident in her ability.

She said, “I didn’t really think I’d like it to start with, but I really enjoy it now.”

With or without constitutional carry – there are still a few reasons why someone would take the half-day long class.

“The one thing that constitutional carry doesn’t give us is to travel from other states. So if we want to go from North Dakota, it just covers North Dakota right now,” said Personal Defence Center’s owner Nicholas Couture.

So with a class 1 concealed weapons license, you’re able to travel with your firearm to 39 other states legally. And the class explicitly goes over every state law regarding what you can and can’t do with your gun.

” I learned a lot about the legalities of when legal force is okay and not okay, and whether or not you should pull or not pull a handgun,” said Andrew Sparks.

And Couture says even if you are well versed in shooting, there’s always more to learn.

He said, “You get to work with qualified instructors that’ll help you help you refine and get better at your shooting skills.”

As for Jacques, she feels much safer knowing that she will always have that extra level of protection. “I feel better. and I’ll have the gun on my side the holster. So, I feel good.”

And she turned out to be quite the sharp shooter.

If you’re considering to take the training for yourself, the Personal Defense Center hosts their class every Saturday.

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