Will Farmers Get Disaster Aid Relief? The US House is Expected to Vote Next Week

Over 100 farm groups are begging the president and Congress to put aside political differences for the sake of America’s farmers.

The groups sent a letter asking Congress for $5.5 billion to help farmers in the midwest and south recover from recent natural disasters.

Congress will try again next week to pass a disaster relief bill, but some lawmakers fear it may be too little too late.

For most of America’s farmers it should be planting season with high hopes for a bountiful harvest, but it’s not.

RJ Karney with the American Farm Bureau Federation adds, “There is just total devastation of crop losses.”

Karney says the southeast is still recovering from last year’s hurricanes, while severe storms and record spring floods slam the farm belt causing huge losses for farmers. 

Karney explains, “We are talking more than $8 billion, and that number is still being calculated, specifically in the Midwest.”

135 farm organizations and banks sent a letter, begging the president and Congress to put aside political differences and pass a disaster relief bill. The bill has been stalled in Congress since January.

Kansas Republican Congressman Roger Marshall says Democrats insist on including millions of dollars for victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, over the president’s objections.

Marshall shares, “Certainly I think most of us are anxious to try to help the farmers, to help out anybody who had disaster strike them, but unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi has made this into a political game.”

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott says, “We have to have a bill that the president is willing to sign.” 

Scott says farmers can’t afford to wait any longer.

The Florida Senator explains, “We can’t go week after week after week and nothing gets done.” 

The House should vote on the Disaster Aid Package next week.

Here in North Dakota, the expected average start date for spring planting was moved back a day after the recent snowstorm.

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