Will you still be drinking La Croix?

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It’s a drink that’s become quite popular over the past year, La Croix sparkling water, but it’s manufacturer is facing a lawsuit. 
The lawsuit alleges the beverage contains non-natural flavorings and uses an ingredient that’s also used in cockroach insecticide.
That ingredient is also known as linalool.
The National Beverage Corp who makes La Croix is denying all allegations they say the lawsuit provides no support to the claims.
We hit the streets and asked people if the lawsuit would influence the next time they drink La Croix.

“I would not consider it even if it didn’t have pesticides because it doesn’t taste very well,” said Minot Resident Betty Sobko.

It’s eye opening for sure –I would think twice about buying it but I think after the lawsuit is done and we see the final verdict then I’ll make the decision on whether I buy it again or not,” said Minot resident Austin Feist.
The lawsuit is seeking class action.

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