Williston’s Concrete Jungle

If you thought concrete was drab or boring, Bob Horab would like to give you a tour.

“A lot of people come through. They look at the exterior of the building and once they come into the interior, they cannot believe how warm you can make concrete feel with color and some of the design aspects of it,” says Horab.

The secretary and treasurer of McCody Concrete Products Inc., Horab and his family conceived the idea for the facility in 2010. Construction on the 88,000 square foot building was completed in 2015.

“We had seen the differences you could do with concrete instead of just sidewalks and driveways or unfinished basements. And we wanted to bring that back and use this building as a marketing tool to show the endless options you can do with concrete,” says Horab. 

The property showcases concrete, but features other unique design elements. Like computerized lighting and floors featuring creative artwork.

“We’ve seen different places that have sidewalk chalk art and it’s kind of the same concept,” says Horab of the artwork, in which visitors lay down on the floor and then snap a photo that creates the illusion of falling off a cliff. 

Built in part from profits during the oil boom, Horab acknowledges that in hindsight, he may have scaled back a bit on the facility’s design.

“It’s been hard. It’s been a little tough, I guess. When everybody said it’s never going to end. And I’d been through the last one. I should have known a little bit through my own history that I lived it before,” says Horab. 

But still, he uses the building as a marketing tool.

“Hopefully, we’d like to find someone interested in building one so we can sell them on that,” says Horab. 

McCody Concrete gives monthly tours of the building at pre-scheduled times.You can visit the company site to learn more. 

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