Winter Ag Research Fuels Future Crop Success

Farmers are thinking spring – getting ready for a new season and looking for answers as they choose the right crops.
That’s where the NDSU’s research and extension centers lend important assistance.
Jim Olson takes us to Williston where the research and education efforts continue all year.

(Clair Keene, NDSU Extension Specialist) “We’re actually quite busy in the winter.”

Case in point?

The work going on here at the NDSU Research Extension Center.

(Clair Keene, NDSU Extension Specialist) “We have an excellent plant pathologist named Audrey Kalil, and Dr. Kalil’s team is working on root rot in pulse crops.”

This is researcher Taheni Javr, testing soil samples for the pathogen that causes root rot. The information gathered here will help here – in fields across the region where peas and lentils are important crops. There are many questions being answered in the lab.

(Clair Keene, NDSU Extension Specialist) “Looking at the biology of the pest. What species do we have in this area? What varieties might have resistance to those pests? And we’re also looking at crop rotation questions. How long do you have to wait between planting pulse crops – peas or lentils – if these pathogens can be present in the soil for long periods of time.”
(Taheni Jvir, NDSU Researcher) “It feels important and enriching as a member of the community to contribute and provide information to the ag community.”

The root rot research – and much more will be presented to the public at this week’s MonDak Pulse Day in Williston, an event expected to attract over 100 local farmers.

(Clair Keene, NDSU Extension Specialist) “Certainly our largest meeting in the area focused on the pea, lentil, and chickpea crops.”

A little something to help farmers focus on warmer times ahead. In Williston, Jim Olson, KX News.

MonDak Pulse Day is Thursday in Williston at the ARC.
It runs from 9 am to 3:30 pm.

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