Winter weather hacks for the snow and extreme cold


Here are a few tips for the extreme cold that you can take with you through a typical day…

So let’s start at home…

Avoiding frozen pipes
Open the doors to your cabinets that contain your plumbing when you leave for vacation and it’s really cold. The warmth that circulates around the house will help to keep your pipes from freezing.

Keeping warm
We know warm air rises, so switch your ceiling fan so it runs in the opposite direction, this will circulate that warm air down to you rather than helping it to rise.

Avoiding wet shoes
If you head outside to do a little shoveling, you can use WD-40 – or something similar – on your shoes to make them waterproof

Keeping your snow shovel clean
Use cooking spray on your shovel to keep snow from sticking to it. The cooking spray makes it too slick for any snow to accumulate while shoveling.

Avoiding static cling
When you come back inside from shoveling and you realize your hat helped give you static electricity, use dryer sheets to remove, not only static, but also frizz when the air is dry.

To start a fire
Maybe you want to warm up by the fire after being out in the extreme cold, you can make your own fire starter with dryer lint inside toilet paper rolls. This is also a good one for camping.

Getting traction back in your shoes
If you’re heading to work and wearing some dressier shoes or ones that have lost a little traction, use sandpaper to rough them up on the bottom to gain a little more traction.

Frozen locks
If you find that your car locks are frozen, use a little hand sanitizer. The isopropyl alcohol will lower the freezing point of the water and melt the ice inside the lock. Or you could heat the key with a lighter to heat it up before trying again.

Your gas tank
Always make sure you have at least half a tank of gas in your car during the winter. Not only will it keep you warm if you get stranded but it will also keep condensation in your gas tank from freezing up, causing issues to your fuel line and fuel pump.

Foggy windows
We all know foggy windows while driving are a nuisance. Put cat litter in an old sock and place it near your windshield. The cat litter will absorb moisture in the air making it harder for the fog to form on the windshields.

A few more tips for when your car is parked… you can lay a blanket across your windshield to keep ice from forming and knee-high socks can keep your windshield wipers from freezing.

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