Women learn basic gun safety and shooting skills


As we move into Fall, various hunting seasons are beginning to open up.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, about 19% of hunters are women which is up from 10% in 2001. The National Wild Turkey Federation hopes to increase those numbers with their Women in the Outdoors Program. Instructors teach women basic shooting safety and offer their tips to improve their skills.

Traci Curran had always been interested in guns, but she was nervous to try it out for herself. So when she heard about last year’s Women in the Outdoors event, she decided it was her chance to learn.

“I hadn’t really ever held a shotgun before, and so -you know- to shoot the skeet and actually hit things. You know, so with the instruction, they were super supportive. It was great,” says Traci Curran.

She added that she is more comfortable around guns now that she feels properly trained.

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