The Bisman Power of 100 group is at it again with its first meeting of the year to discuss raising money for nonprofits.

“It’s empowering to be here. It’s empowering to see what other women are passionate about and to talk about what you do in the field to help,” Julie Schirado from Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue said.

For the fifth year in a row, the Bisman Power of 100, a women’s empowerment organization brought out the best a community group represents.

“It’s eye-opening for me to see the need that is out there. I think a lot of us are just not aware of what’s going on in our local community,” Bisman Power of 100 member Angie Schwartz said.

This time around, The Innovation School, Wall of Honor, and Cross Training were the three charities nominated.

Wall of Honor, a digital veteran memorial slide show was this year’s first charity awarded with an amount of $12,000.  

“I’ve seen the TVs that they have out in the businesses with the veterans on,” Bisman Power of 100 member Tess Schlafmer said.

Tammy Ibach, the founder of Wall of Honor said thousands of dollars can help the organization with several projects.  

“Focus on long term care facilities because that’s an urgent need for us right now so that we can get a wall of honor into 70 care long-term facilities across the state because those residents are on a limited time span,” Ibach said.

Attendance at these meetings can range anywhere from 175 to 200 guests all chipping in.  

“It is an honor to be able to highlight these charities and even a bigger honor to be able to collect money to give back to these charities from these amazing women,” Bisman Power of 100 member Deb Eslinger said.

The next meeting is expected sometime in June to nominate and donate to yet another local charity.