Worldwide Helium Shortage Taking The Air Out Of Celebrations

Bismarck – A popular gas used at countless birthday parties and other celebrations are in short supply across the country.

Officials say a shortage of Helium is so bad, that retailer Party City has been forced to close an additional 45 stores across the county due to lost profits.

Additionally, they say there are only three sources across the globe of Helium and demand is well-outracing supply.

We talked with the manager of Party America here in Bismarck and she tells us balloon manufactures are trying to find ways to work around the shortage.

“We’ve seen that a lot of the balloon companies now start to put tabs on the top of the balloons so you can actually hang them with ribbon or umm, there are a lot of balloons now that you can inflate with air, so some of these balloons now are actually sold with a straw so that you can blow them up yourself.” Said Mary Hoff, the Manager Of Party America in Bismarck.

The Helium shortage is also impacting those in the welding industry and the medical field.

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