Young people warm the hearts of first responders, cold weather workers

A group of elementary students showed their appreciation for community workers in the form of hot chocolate on Friday.

The student council at Sunrise Elementary School handed out 800 cups of hot chocolate to first responders and anyone who works outside in the cold weather.

This is a new community service project the students organized and it proves you are never too young to give back. 

 “You don’t have to wait until you are an adult to make a difference, because even though you might think that you are just a kid, you are really not. Small things can make a very big difference and I think that this is amazing,” said Danica Grossman, a student at Sunrise Elementary School.

“If we didn’t have these community workers, Bismarck would be a total wreck and I think that it is super important that they help us. So, if they help us then we should try and help them back,” said Jacob Logan, another Sunrise Elementary School student. 

The hot chocolate was donated by families and the Sunrise community. 

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