Spring weather is finally here for North Dakotans to enjoy, and members of the Young Professionals are ensuring the roads are kept tidy.

“I think if everyone does their part about making sure that trash goes where it belongs, these sorts of efforts won’t be needed if we all take part in keeping trash where it belongs,” Bismarck Mandan Young Professionals Network President Catherine Jones said.

The Group met near Burleigh Avenue and stretched out about two miles picking up litter.

“We’re cleaning up the area and making it nice for people to go out for walks and get out in Cottonwood Park so they can have a nice clean area to participate in activities,” Bismarck-Mandan Event Specialist Young Professionals Network Billy Longmire said

One thing about this service project though is you never know what you’re going to find.

“There’s a little bit of an unofficial competition as to who finds the weirdest object. There’s beer cans, cigarette butts; we’ve also found couch cushions, CD’s DVD’s, there’s a blanket in a puddle,“ Jones said.

It’s all about time and patience to get the job done.

“Hour and a half to two hours it takes to clean up the street,” Longmire said.