SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –Scammers often target older people, but that may be changing.
According to the Better Business Bureau in Sioux Falls, for the first time young people lost more money to scammers than the older generation.

The top five scams targeting young people are employment scams, online purchases, cryptocurrency, Rental and investment scams.
Employment scams usually involve an offer on social media that requires the target to send money for specialized equipment. Money they never see again.

“As it relates to the top ones, employment scams you now they are online they are looking for a job online, perhaps they like the idea of working from home, they don’t want to go into a traditional office gosh I can do this reshipping it’s quick, easy the money is good well it’s too good to be true.”

Schmidt says legitimate companies will take you through a hiring process and provide you with any equipment or training you might need.