Zoos working to help endangered animals with conservation efforts

Nearly 38% of all species on Earth are nearing extinction, according to the World Animal Foundation. But zoos around the world are making the effort to keep endangered species from disappearing forever by giving them a safe home.

Roosevelt Park Zoo cares for several endangered and vulnerable species like the black-footed ferret and the snow leopard. They are working to help the animals’ wild counterparts by spreading the word about conservation to save their habitats. The Zoo Crew Executive Director says that it can be overwhelming being faced with the extinction of so many species, but that small changes can make a difference.

“That one grocery bag, that one straw, if everybody does that -you do it, your neighbor does it- it adds up. It does make a difference. Shut off the water while your brushing your teeth, recycle your paper,” says Jennifer Kleen, Zoo Crew Executive Director.

Last year,  this zoo was able to donate $14,000 towards conservation efforts.

*Note, the ferret Kleen is holding at the end of the video is a domesticated ferret.

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