BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — When the topic of the right time to celebrate the Christmas season comes up, people will usually launch into debates on the date. Is starting in November too early? When do you put up and take down the tree? How many days in a row can you hear that one Christmas song in a row without going insane?, in an attempt to find the day it truly does begin to look a lot like Christmas, surveyed 3000 North Dakotans to find the day that many of us begin to get into the holiday spirit. This analysis found that through a mix of planning, start-of-the-month traditions, and cold weather, residents of the state typically refer to December 4 as the first day of the season that is ‘Christmassy’.

A major contributing factor to the early holiday celebrations is the cold weather. Nothing says the Christmas season like snow, and to help contribute to the study, FamilyGuides also studied data to determine the chilliest Christmassy day in each state, and in the case of North Dakota, this was revealed to be December 28th- the coldest day with the largest amount of snow. Over the last 26 years, the average temperature across the state in December is only 6 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is an average snowfall of 0.3 inches.

The primary points of the study discussed above apply to North Dakota, but a complete list of states and their first ‘days of Christmas’ can be found on FamilyGuides’ study page here.

Want to know the best place to visit during the season? The website has also compiled a list of the top 51 locations to celebrate Christmas around the US. There’s one for each state, so be sure to see which area of North Dakota has been identified as our Christmas Capitol! (It’s number 41 on the list if you want to skip ahead.)