MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — People in North Dakota are no strangers to growing crops, but for those who want to try their hand at growing something new, NDSU researchers have been evaluating crop varieties that are at their best in our state.

North Dakota is known for its short growing season, but if you want to grow fresh produce, you have options like tomatoes, grapes, and berries. But there are some things that don’t work as well..

“One of the things that are hard to grow, explains Horticulture Agent for the Ward County Extension Center Emily How, “is blueberries. You can do it, but it’s time and labor intensive. Blueberries require an acidic soil, and in most of North Dakota, it’s very alkaline.”

How says if you are interested in learning what fruit and vegetable varieties are good for your area or have any questions about growing something, you should reach out to your local extension office.