BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Merry Christmas! It’s the season of good will, giving, and holidays with your family and friends. It’s a time to gather around the fireplace, have hot cocoa, and open presents — to take a moment away from the world in celebration of the day. Just because Christmas is on, though, doesn’t mean that the world doesn’t keep moving. News stories from across the country pop up all the time, and though many of us like to take at least the morning away from the screen, it’s always helpful to stay up-to-date on the most recent happenings in your area.

We’ve compiled a stocking stuffer of the biggest stories on our digital page this week to get everyone ready for the inevitable current event discussions when we return to work. Here’s a list of the good, the bad, and the merry in and around North Dakota.

#1: SD rancher saved after being stranded in blizzard for 27 hours

Rodney Paulson, rancher in his 70s, was stuck for over a day in his SD pasture after his vehicle got stuck. When his neighbors came with a tractor, they could only get so far, and the elderly rancher was forced to stay overnight in his own tractor. A passing trucker carrying heavy machinery was made aware of the situation, and after a rescue mission, Paulson was finally saved.

#2: Big changes coming to small town Wilton

 Wilton, North Dakota, home of the Miners, is located about 30 miles North of Bismarck.There are only about 700 people who live there, but Taylor Aasen met with the mayor of Wilton on Monday, and she shared more about why she enjoys the small community.

#3: One dead after attempted murder-suicide involving a husband and wife in Williston

According to a release from the Williston Police Department, at approximately 11:00 p.m. on December 20, officers were dispatched to the 400th block of 20th Street East after a report of a female victim with a gunshot wound. Searching the area, they found the woman, as well as a man — one believed to have been a suspect in the case — dead of a self-inflicted bullet wound. Based on the initial investigation, the incident appears to be an attempted murder-suicide.
Investigators believe that began during a verbal domestic altercation between Jodee and John

#4: Lt. Governor Brent Sanford resigning, effective January 2

In a statement that accompanied a resignation letter, Lt. Governor Sanford — one of the longest-serving lieutenant governors in the nation — announced that he intends to resign his position and return to the private sector, as well as focus on his family and career, in the coming year. Governor Burgum has named Tammy Miller, the Chief Operating Officer of his office, to serve the remaining years of Sanford’s term.

#5: North Dakota store shelves are empty due to the blizzard

Supplies have been at a low in most stores thanks to the repeated snowstorms sweeping North Dakota. Road closures are making it so that both smaller and larger stores alike are having trouble restocking.

#6: Two people accused of trying to scam Berthold Police toy, food, and clothing drive

Berthold Police say that a 33-year-old Minot woman and a 63-year-old Mohall man have been responsible for scamming multiple charity drives, including a recent church toy drive, by making up fake children for multiple families using dummy phone numbers. Any toys they collect from these drives are allegedly sold online.

#7: “Teacher’s Christmas Wish”: Minot teacher wants to inspire students

A Minot teacher has become famous on TikTok for her songs, but she’s more interested in her students. In previous years, she noticed that many of her students seemed to seem down over the holidays. In order to help bring a little light to their lives, she included many of her students in a fully-recorded song, which she hopes will keep her students hopeful and inspired in the future.

#8: NDDOT announces Name-A-Plow contest winners

In a fun festive activity for the community, the Department of Transportation hosted their second annual Name-A-Plow contest — in which over 800 names were submitted and voted on. As any community submission goes, there were plenty of hilarious names for our snow removal services — including Scoop Dogg, Big Leplowski, and Sleetwood Mac. Take a look at the weirdly and wildly named snow plows that will be coming to state districts.

#9: From Sinterklaas to Mr. Claus: The history of modern Santa

How did the original character of Saint Nicholas evolve over time into the modern tradition of the gift-giving man in the big red suit? The answer is one that has its roots in name translations, cultures, and marketing methods throughout the world. In this historical expose, we discuss the transformation over time of the religious figure into the advertising icon we all know today.

#10: Family in Bismarck is attacked by DoorDash driver

In a peculiar and striking case, a family in Bismarck ordered a late-night meal from Doordash, which eventually placed them on the receiving end of an aggressive outburst from the driver. Rejecting the family’s tip, driver Kyleigh Deacy began to insult the man at the door, before hugging his wife and then spraying the family’s 12-year-old daughter with pepper spray.

In honor of the holiday season, we’d also like to offer a repository of some of our favorite Christmas news stories from the month of December. Take a look at a few of these if you need a boost to your holiday spirit.

To wrap up this article, here’s a photo of the recent snow pile-up in Minot, sent to us by Brad Schoffstall!

(Image Credit: Brad Schoffstall)

If you’d like to submit media of your own, you can learn how to do so here. Merry Christmas from the KX team, and we’ll see you again next week for another edition of In Case You Missed It!