BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — It may not be February yet, but in North Dakota, love is always in the air — at least, according to a study that labels it as one of the best places in the United States to find love.

A recent analysis performed by online casino guide SlotSource collected a few important factors when it comes to finding the perfect match, and found that in terms of the best states to find love, North Dakota ranks in the top five.

North Dakota isn’t the only state in the area where love seems to be in the air, though: a list of the top ten states that Slotsource has deemed the best to find love reveals that Montana and South Dakota are also great places for those looking for romance.

StateTotal Love Index Score
Washington, D.C3.54
North Dakota2.97
South Dakota2.73

When calculating the total Love Index score, six main factors were weighed — the divorce and marriage rates by state, the percentage of single-parent households, online searches for dating sites Tinder and Bumble, and the average cost of a date for two. In North Dakota’s case, two of the major factors contributing to such a high ranking were low divorce rates and date night costs. The full overview of North Dakota’s stats, in particular, is as follows:

  • Divorce Rate per 1,000 individuals- 2.6
  • Marriage Rate per 1,000 individuals- 5.7
  • Percentage of Single-Parent Households: 32%
  • Percentage of online searches for ‘Tinder’: 78%
  • Percentage of online searches for ‘Bumble’: 51%
  • Average cost of a two-person date: $42.43

The full list of state placements, as well as links to each factor taken into consideration, can be seen on SlotSource’s website.