BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — If the recent winter storm to sweep our state this week is any indication, it’s officially wintertime here in North Dakota!

Talk about a strong start to a season, too: the storm, at least in KX’s viewing area, was enough to leave feet of snow on the ground and close up plenty of places. But a winter storm still isn’t enough to stop people from getting the news of the snow out. Thankfully, the storm isn’t nearly on the level as the blizzard that rocked ND earlier this year, and things are already starting to clear up.

Our news team — with a little help from our viewers- has put together a collection of images and videos of this week’s rough start to the holiday season. Feel free to take a look at what the storm looked like across the state!


Even reporters not in our area had their own photos to share with us. The KX Sports team sent this great image during their trip to Fargo. The snow was cold, but the Dakota Bowl coverage needed to continue!

Image Credit: Nick Jachim

It wasn’t just reporters who were out and about who had photos to share, though: tremendous snow banks kept digital reporter Brendan Rodenberg from returning to the office for the weekend, but he managed to snap this picture of the snow piled up on his balcony.

And who’s to say that Journalists should be the only ones with photos to share? Here are a few of our favorite pictures sent in by our viewers!

  • snowmobilerinstorm


Despite the heavy storm, KX’s staff will always do their best to get to work (unless you’re working remotely, of course). Here’s a video that Amber Schatz, host of Studio 701, took during her trek to the office this week!

If that wasn’t enough, she was kind enough to send us a video of her trip on the roads and a shot of her car close to the station as well.

This gallery will continue to be updated throughout the weekend, so please feel free to send any photos or videos you may have over. We’d love to include it in our gallery!

You can learn how to submit photos and videos to us by visiting this page.