MEDORA, N.D. (KXNET) — The ability to manage the wild horses at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park has been a consistent struggle. More recently, the park has put out a request for plans for an opportunity to help.

To assist in the efforts to create a plan for the wild horses, they are going to the public. But, the submission deadline is at the end of January.

Now, a number of state legislators have gathered that are opposed to the elimination of the horses and want to propose their own resolution.

Since the deadline is in 6 days, they have requested more time to draw up a plan.

This request was denied.

“I just think that it’s a shame that the park is having an unwillingness to work with our state legislators. I think that that says something. To pass a resolution is not an easy process and they’re just asking for more time to do their process to get this through the Senate and the house. So, it’s unfortunate that the park is unwilling to work with them, but like I said it doesn’t change what’s happening the resolution is actually just gaining more support, “says Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates, Chris Kman.

Kman says this resolution will be voted on in the current legislative session and she will continue to fight regardless of the extension denial.

The resolution was sent to legal last week, with expectations to receive it back this week, then it could be assigned to a committee within a couple of weeks.

Kman says it just feels good to have the support of state legislators on their side, even though it is quite the process.

“It’s very nice to hear that they’re behind us. They’re listening to the people of North Dakota who contacted them, they were seeing all of the letters in the editor and in the newspaper daily. And that’s what we vote them into office for, to be our voice and to hear us. So the hope is that when they take this and give it to the park, the governor and the federal delegates, that the federal delegates respond in the same way that our state has, “said Kman. 

The last KX spoke with the parks deputy sheriff, we were told there will be another public comment period when the environmental assessment is released.

Today, we also reached out for an updated response. 

There is hope that there will be some kind of decision in the fall. 

The Attorney General’s office did contact us saying that at this time, they do not have any additional info to add, as they look into the matter.

Tomorrow we will speak with some of our state legislators leading this resolution to hear why it’s important to them, how you can assist, and more.

This is an ongoing story, to check out our previous coverage on the fate of the wild horses check out this story here.