NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Being stuck in a blizzard can make it hard to go to the grocery stores and get essentials, and it takes an even greater toll on those with disabilities.

People with disabilities around North Dakota often find themselves in a rough situation having to navigate during blizzards. Although getting around in a winter storm may be tougher for the disabled, you would never be able to tell because of the help of the community.

For many, a disabled individual’s day is completely reliant on how and if the city plows the roads and sidewalks. Often times to avoid any transportation issues, the must stocked up on groceries before the storm.

“When the businesses don’t clear the sidewalks, it makes it difficult to get to the bus or get to transportation in order to go somewhere, even if the roads are safe,” said Billi Gunderson.

Blizzards can affect the physical health of those who are disabled. If the roads and sidewalks are not taken care of exercise is very limited, and exercise is a necessity in order to maintain blood circulation.