BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — When New Year’s comes, many of us like to take a look back at the previous year and identify anything we feel we could do better. This is the idea behind New Year’s Resolutions — promises we make to ourselves to help improve our lives. And while many of us tend to not always follow through on these, we all make them. The question here is, what does everyone in the state want to change the most about their lives in 2023?

Job-hunting site Zippia decided to find out what the residents across America were hoping to get out of the new year with a survey identifying the most popular resolutions in each state. In order to perform such a study, they took Google Trends results from the month of January 2019, examining search queries related to common resolutions such as weight loss and therapy. From this point, they were able to determine which results had the most searches per state.

Here in North Dakota, it seems that many of us intend to watch our wallets more than our weight. The most popular resolution in our state is to save money, which we share with only two other locations in the U.S. (Iowa and Mississippi). With budgets shrinking and prices rising, this is a fairly reasonable decision on the part of many, and we’re happy to see that many North Dakotans are looking to budget better in the coming days.

Here are a few of the most interesting findings relating to America’s New Years’ resolutions the survey discovered.

  • Six states and the District of Columbia expressed a desire to date and jump-start their romantic lives, with ‘Dating’ being listed as their primary resolution.
  • The two most common resolutions were the desire to seek therapy, topping the charts in twelve states, and the ever-present decision to lose weight in eight states.
  • A small cluster of the southeastern United States (the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia) showed a heightened interest in reading more, making it their most searched resolution.
  • Two states have exclusive resolutions that are not the most searched in any other state. In South Dakota, the resolution to quit drinking was the most popular, and earning a raise was the most-searched desire in New Mexico.

To view the full study, visit this page.