BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — In a place that coined the phrase ‘North Dakota Nice’, it might surprise one that when push comes to shove, a few residents of the state are more North Dakota Naughty — at least, when it comes to helping neighbors with automobile issues.

In the most recent November study from Gunther Volvo Cars’ Daytona Beach branch, the organization polled 7,404 Americans across the states to determine how many in each state would stop and help a neighbor upon seeing their car had broken down. When the results came to North Dakota, it was noted that 28% of surveyed individuals admitted that they would simply drive on by. While it’s not one of the largest rates of denial, in a place like ND where residents have a history of helping those in trouble on the road, it’s certainly an unexpected result.

If anything, oddly enough, the term may as well be called ‘Nebraska Nice’ if we go only be the willingness to stop and help a stranded neighbor: the survey reported that 94% of surveyed Nebraskans said they would stop and help. Conversely, Mississippi is the state with the least number of good Samaritans, where 40% admit that they would ignore the situation and drive on.

Of course, we can’t discuss North Dakota’s response in the proper context without taking our weather into account. Snowstorms are cold and dangerous times, and even when seeing dire circumstances, the harsh weather would probably convince one to look the other way, possibly contributing to the unexpectedly high number of refusals. Despite this, in a bizarre twist, two out of every three drivers across the US also stated that they would be more inclined to aid their neighbors during a snowstorm than in a heat wave.

Perhaps the most concerning statistic is that the numbers even apply to those working in the same office. The study also found that nearly 10% of survey respondents say they wouldn’t stop to help a work colleague who had broken down.

The full study can be viewed on this page.