GARRISON, N.D. (KXNET) — Amanda Melby works with the Garrison, Max, Ryder, and Makoti ambulance, a nonprofit organization that became official in 1969.

Amanda’s motivation to help people came from her dad who played a role in emergency services.

“Back when I was in high school, many years ago my dad was a Volunteer Fire Fighter EMT for the ambulance in Tioga, North Dakota, and did some rides along, got interested, and then took an EMT course in the summer when I was in high school,” Melby shared.

Not only did her dad kickstart her drive for emergency services, but a lot of her family also participates and played roles in the emergency services. At times, the calls for help can be difficult, but that doesn’t stop Amanda’s role in the medical field.

“It feels very rewarding it lets me know that yes I’m in this profession for the right reasons and it just Solidity’s the fact that this is what I was meant to do,” says Melby.

Amanda is a busy single mom of three beautiful little girls, with a very busy schedule. But, that does not stop her from taking the time to help others near and far.

“I also work for Bismarck Metro Ambulance part-time,” says Melby, “I also work with a deployment company so any time there is a natural disaster like hurricanes or things like that I go down south and help be a paramedic down there and help out when I can.”

This field of work also allows Amanda to gain knowledge and grow as a person.

But it doesn’t stop her from enjoying some of her favorite hobbies. She loves being outdoors and doing many things, including sports.

Dedicating her life to emergency services and saving people makes her a truly remarkable woman.